Established Creates a Golden Design for S.Oil

Established created the perfect branding, packaging and art direction design for S.Oil luxury hair oil. Combining oil illustrations in black and white, and gold, the design is sure to stand out. 

Top 10 Typography Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2018

What kind of typography trends can we expect to see in 2018? This year is all about big, bold text, hand-drawn letters, custom fonts, retro typefaces, multi-color gradients, and more. New York-based web design agency Branex has come up with a handy infographic that shares some interesting typeface statistics and lists the top 10 typography trends for 2018.

Calling yourself a “freelancer” could be bad for business—here’s why

A highly accomplished freelancer once told me, “If you want to succeed at freelancing, you’d better start thinking like an entrepreneur.” Here are some compelling reasons why thinking like a business owner is essential for your freelance career.

Telmo Cuenca’s Craft Beer Design Transports Us Back to 1492

Telmo Cuenca was asked to create a new design for an Ecuadorian craft beer, inspired by the discovery of America. With a powerful design, you might just find yourself transported back to 1492, with the waves rocking your boat and a new land in the distance.

Collefrisio & The Golden Carp

Spazio di Paolo gave Collefrisio a creative and elegant design for their new wine, called In & Out. The design shows a copper-colored carp, with the outline of another next to it, perhaps representing the concept of In & Out.

Satori Graphics Presents 6 Illustrator Tricks

Looking to improve your graphic design workflow? Look no further than Satori Graphics' useful video. With these six tricks, you are sure to do things quicker, and more efficiently.