Telmo Cuenca’s Craft Beer Design Transports Us Back to 1492


Telmo Cuenca was asked to create a new design for an Ecuadorian craft beer, inspired by the discovery of America.With a powerful design, you might just find yourself transported back to 1492, with the waves rocking your boat and a new land in the distance.

“Craft beer, made in Ecuador, for which I had the pleasure of redesigning its label in order to highlight in the design the historical event of the discovery of America, and at the same time, provide ambience and naval style of the time.”

“The idea of the boats is based on the narrated story of the “Discovery of America”, in which Christopher Columbus undertook travel in three “Caravels” (ships) with which he ‘discovered the new world.'”

“The final design: a combination of pencil and paper drawing and digital illustration.”

Below, the process and the final result.

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