Abio Design Lab Gives Safri Juice Organic A Wonderful New Look

Design agency Abio Design Lab has developed a beautiful new look for Safri Juice Organic, that’ll make it stand out and get customers taking it home.
“The harvest synthesizes one of the most natural gestures of our existence. To develop the visual identity and packaging for organic and sustainable products, we used a a graphic discourse questioning the current production and industrial process.
We understand that we must take care of our nourishment with more attention and in order to do so, we must be aware of the processes of which our food goes through.
In this graphic Project for organic juices, we had the chance to graphically express this attention through the illustrations of the fruit manual harvest. The harvest represents one of the most natural consumption processes and nowadays is almost completely done by machines.
During the development of the packaging, all the elements that had no direct relevance with the act of harvesting itself were eliminated. That made the label clean, making analogy with our nourishment.
FSC® paper and recycled glass were used on the packaging, it maintains the brand’s speech with the concern with the waste generated or discarded in nature.”
CLIENT Sáfri Orgânicos
WEBSITE OF CLIENT www.safriorganicos.com.br
CITY OF CLIENT São Sebastião do Cai
ADDITIONAL CREDITS Illustrations Mariana Sartori
NAME Abio Design Lab Studio
CITY Porto Alegre
WEBSITE www.abio.cc
INSTAGRAM @abiodesignlab
TWITTER @AbioDesignLab
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