BQB agency have launched a new project for the beer market of Kazakhstan and Russia


BQB Agency launch a new project titled Erzmann Beer. Take a closer look:

“The project also updated the trade name of the brewery itself


The company “Arasan” was founded in 2000 on the site of the old brewery of the merchant Anton Petrovich Lorenz in the city of Kostanay. It retained the classic way of open fermentation, recreating historical recipes – “Eastern Bavaria” and “Vienna”.

“Arasan” is one of the leaders of the beer market in Kazakhstan. The company has three factories, united in the holding company “Erzmann Brewery”.

Work of the creative team

The company “Arasan” decided to cooperate with the BQB Agency for the first time.

The main tasks for the creative team of BQB were:

  • elaboration of the trade name of the brewery itself;
  • elaboration of a trade mark (logo, package design) for a new flagship line of the plant.

For a plant with such an old history, the logical step was to reflect its origin in the name. The BQB agency offered the name “Private brewery of A.P. Lorenz “.  This variant was accepted and approved by the customer. Also for the “Lorenz Brewery” was developed a logo and a series of branded illustrations.

Also work was carried out over a visual solution for the ERZMANN beer series (dark, lager, Hop Fresh, Strong). The design of labels was made in a traditional European manner.

To reflect the big role of manual labor that is used in production, as well as its historical character (at the plant at some stages of production the vats and barrels old times are used nowadays), a corporate image was invented: a miner’s cart, a symbol of painstaking manual labor. Such carts were used at the plant more than 100 years ago to transport beer kegs.

The draft beer was developed by the famous Czech brewer Zdeněk Šubrt, which was also reflected on the beer label.”

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