Can Beverage Packaging Be Sustainable?


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PET, glass, aluminium . . . the list goes on.

The beverage industry makes use of all manner of materials in the quest for the perfect pack. At the same time, the hot topic for the FMCG market is sustainability; how do the two converge? Can beverage packaging be sustainable? What are the options? Who’s doing what?

Packaging is not only used as a means to protect and preserve – it is also one of the essential tools brands have to communicate with consumers. Packaging is a marketeer’s opportunity to tell a story that generates an emotional connection. It is this connection that ultimately leads to purchase.

Nevertheless, many are under the impression that sustainability, in many ways, limits the brand and its opportunities for effective communication. There is a preemptive assumption that sustainable packaging has to look a certain way – A presumption that many agents of change have started to poke holes in.

Increasingly, companies are starting to identify ways of how sustainability can be used to enhance, rather than detract, from marketing. The big question on everyone’s lips is; How can beverage brands help create a better tomorrow, not only for our planet but also for the brand itself?

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Our latest presentation focuses on sustainability and covers everything from the product life cycle, the opportunities sustainable practices can afford brands and an array of examples of those in the market blazing the trail, offering no end of inspiration.

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