Friday, January 17, 2020
To accompany the launch of the KitchenAid Pro Line Series blender, Made Somewhere was engaged to brand a bespoke event for KitchenAid and OzHarvest’s masterclass and lunch with Culinary Chef, Travis Harvey.
Julie Eckert Design has nailed Thread's new look. The thought process behind the project is fascinating, and the result clearly shows how well they went about creating this look.
New York-based designer Ji Lee started creating calligrams 20 years ago in his typography class at art school. What started as an assignment turned into a lifelong hobby and Lee’s passion for typography has led him to create over a 100 calligrams so far.
Design agency Cartils has developed a perfect new look for Loveau, a new drink which launched in Waitrose this year. 
Titsey Brewing Co, a micro-brewery located on the Titsey Estate in Surrey, has launched with a collection of three unique beers, with brand identity and packaging design by PB Creative.
Maverick brewers BrewDog are taking on the craft spirits category with LoneWolf. They sought out brand creation, identity, and packaging design services from B&B Studio. 
Joost Identities is a freelance brand designer, who created an amazing new brand identity, packaging design, and structural design for Treets Traditions. This great project has now been nominated for the Best Body Care Product in the Netherlands. Take a closer look.
Sophia Georgopoulou brings Meet Sweet, a small-scale brand of hand-crafted, high-quality biscuits originating in China, to life with a simple and brilliant design. Take a closer look at the project here.
Three Crowns receives a five star design from designer Sophia Georgopoulo. In hues of gold, the final look is classy, memorable, and perfect for the brand.
Oksal Yesilok develops a beautiful project inspired by nature and titles Coleoptera Beetles. Take a look.

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