Thursday, May 13, 2021
Baked corn snacks brand Well&Truly has unveiled a new identity, with design by B&B studio. In a deliberate move away from the brand’s original health-focused positioning, the new look celebrates taste and satisfaction, returning to the fundamentals of what it means to be a snack.
Why is it that so many brands don’t recognize the need to a) have a packaging experience that reflects the price of their products, and b) how they need to achieve their desired positioning in the mind of the consumer through their packaging?

Ohmybrand Tackles Teapins

The branding agency Ohmybrand together with the company Teapins has carried out the localization of the popular gift tea "I wish you" for the Russian market.
Glad Head develops a beautiful identity for Bastion, a footwear line. The vibrant design puts Bastion in the spotlight, and gets Glad Head the recognition they deserve for their work.
Design agency Pavement took on a project for Peerless Coffee & Tea Micro Reserve. Their job was to create the perfect packaging and identity design for the product. Take a closer look at the project.
Messier 53 sought out a design inspired by a "mystic journey through the universe." Backbone Branding delivered with this beautiful result.
Design Cue develops brand identity for Winslow Capital, described as one of the most capable fundamental growth investment firms. The identity was to be understated and timeless, and true to a company that weighs complicated data with confidence and clarity.
DesignBro, online design platform, has taken pizza box design to another level for up and coming Dutch pizza place: Don't Pizza Me Off. It's fun, creative, and looks great.
A publication designed by Bruketa&Zinic&Grey for investors in the premium urban revitalization project „Nikola” on the Adriatic coast.
Electric Automotive Technology company Protean Electric has unveiled a new brand identity designed by London-based studio Carter Wong.