Saturday, October 16, 2021
Octavo Designs has created a beautiful look for The Urban Winery's new drink VIDALPA.
Established created the perfect branding, packaging and art direction design for S.Oil luxury hair oil. Combining oil illustrations in black and white, and gold, the design is sure to stand out. 
Akashi-Tai, a range of five artisan sakes, launches its new identity and packaging design by Cowan London.
Creative branding and communications agency Our Design Agency (ODA) reveals strategy, identity and design for digitally enabled building supplies start-up BUILT/.
Historic, family owned distillery WH Palmer, has released its Palmers 44 gin with newly rejuvenated packaging, courtesy of Nude Brand Creation, to celebrate 200 years of distilling.
The Surrey Copper Distillery launches with the release of the naming and brand identity developed by Nude Brand Creation.
Maverick brewers BrewDog are taking on the craft spirits category with LoneWolf. They sought out brand creation, identity, and packaging design services from B&B Studio. 
Design agency Ohmybrand worked on creating the perfect look for Konoplyanka vegetable oils. With a traditional design, a clear purpose, and a luxurious style - the project was a success and worth looking into further.
Subscription-based recipe kit service Simply Cook has unveiled a new range of in-store recipe kits with a unique design created in collaboration by B&B studio and Path.
Fish Club Wine wanted to stand out on the shelf, and got the perfect design that will make the bottle impossible to miss, courtesy of Backbone Branding.