Thursday, August 22, 2019
A designer at New York ideas-led brand design agency Vault49 who wants to encourage more open discussion of mental health issues created an Instagram animation to mark the end of Mental Health Month in the USA.
A collection of 250ml canned wines from Fourth Wave Wine launches with design and strategy by drinks design agency Denomination.
Harewood Food and Drink Project appoint Robot Food to name, position and design an identity as tasty as their sought-after seasonal products.
Punch Design Co. has done a brilliant job developing a new and powerful look for Bearded Iris Brewing Co. This new design has asserted the brand's position in the industry as a worth competitor.
2S Global Design went on an adventure and discovered a fun project they delved into headfirst. The richest chocolate bar from Colombia, La Baleine À Cabosse, has a great new look thanks to the agency. Read their story here.
Women Design, a new title by Libby Sellers, profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence.
Today, we're featuring a brilliant design for Colorful Drawing, courtesy of design agency ohSeven. Enjoy this new look and check out the project here.
Amir Mohamed gets into the creative zone to develop the right new look for The Creative Zone, an agency founded in 2014 that has worked with more than 400 clients from all around the world.
Titsey Brewing Co, a micro-brewery located on the Titsey Estate in Surrey, has launched with a collection of three unique beers, with brand identity and packaging design by PB Creative.
Julie Eckert Design has nailed Thread's new look. The thought process behind the project is fascinating, and the result clearly shows how well they went about creating this look.

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