Thursday, June 20, 2019
Electric Automotive Technology company Protean Electric has unveiled a new brand identity designed by London-based studio Carter Wong.
Fish Club Wine wanted to stand out on the shelf, and got the perfect design that will make the bottle impossible to miss, courtesy of Backbone Branding. 
Rusagro Group of Companies had the trademark of Shedroe Leto (Rich Summer) range of margarine and sunflower oil redesigned by Fabula Branding in order to give the products a modern look while preserving brand awareness and continuity.
Crooked Media needed a powerful look to convey their dedication to No-Bullshit Politics. They reached out to Red Antler, and got the right design that reflected the very nature of the brand.
Design agency Here Design has developed the branding and packaging design for LA Brewery. Learn more about the thought process behind the design, and take a look at the final product below.  "When kombucha pioneer Louise Avery knocked on our...
Creative branding and communications agency Our Design Agency (ODA) reveals strategy, identity and design for digitally enabled building supplies start-up BUILT/.
Design agency Pavement took on a project for Peerless Coffee & Tea Micro Reserve. Their job was to create the perfect packaging and identity design for the product. Take a closer look at the project.
Multidisciplinary design studio Carter Wong has announced Kelly Tam as the 2018 winner of its Black Sheep Awards, recognising her design for a digital app that seeks to change the way we initiate the act of social drinking.
Argentine designer Diego Ballester extends his impressive portfolio for a wine that puts Argentine culture in the spotlight - Oid Mortal.
Maverick brewers BrewDog are taking on the craft spirits category with LoneWolf. They sought out brand creation, identity, and packaging design services from B&B Studio. 

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