Friday, August 12, 2022
Telmo Cuenca was asked to create a new design for an Ecuadorian craft beer, inspired by the discovery of America. With a powerful design, you might just find yourself transported back to 1492, with the waves rocking your boat and a new land in the distance.
Spazio di Paolo gave Collefrisio a creative and elegant design for their new wine, called In & Out. The design shows a copper-colored carp, with the outline of another next to it, perhaps representing the concept of In & Out.
Joost Identities is a freelance brand designer, who created an amazing new brand identity, packaging design, and structural design for Treets Traditions. This great project has now been nominated for the Best Body Care Product in the Netherlands. Take a closer look.
B&B Studio's new design for Rocktails has made the drink stand out against all others. "In line with the growing sophistication of the low alcohol sector, we've helped Rocktails reposition its brand from fun frozen mocktails to deliciously crafted distilled botanical blends." 
Why is it that so many brands don’t recognize the need to a) have a packaging experience that reflects the price of their products, and b) how they need to achieve their desired positioning in the mind of the consumer through their packaging?
New York-based designer Ji Lee started creating calligrams 20 years ago in his typography class at art school. What started as an assignment turned into a lifelong hobby and Lee’s passion for typography has led him to create over a 100 calligrams so far.
B&B studio draws on limited edition Superfly bottles in botanical-led rebrand for Firefly core range.
Women Design, a new title by Libby Sellers, profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence.