Oksal Yesilok and the Coleoptera Beetles


Oksal Yesilok develops a beautiful project inspired by nature and titles Coleoptera Beetles. Take a look.

The Posters were created by taking inspiration from nature’s insects. The simple one-color design is only simple with respect to the use of narrow lines and a single color. All of this of the posters provide a minimalist and a very stylish finish. The first series ‘Coleoptera Beetles no.o1’ of minimalist insects offer 2 different alternatives. 3 sets are 32x32cm & single poster is 50x50cm. It is hand painted on fine art printing with neon pigmented air brush technique. Printed on 180 gr matte paper. Sealed with embossed stamp. at night, a glare is inevitable if it is exposed to blue led light, which will have an impact like a light coming from a television, an aquarium & the like due to the effect of the fluorescent color pigment. Posters Available for Purchase at www.oksalyesilok.com

Read more about the project here!