DesignBro Delves Into the World of Craft Beer


It’s the beginning of a new month, and DesignBro, a popular design platform, has kicked April off with a new proposition, a goal, and a fantastic idea. This month, DesignBro is collaborating with craft brewers and beer lovers alike to discover the world of craft beer and how it overlaps with the world of design.

“It’s such an interesting industry, and design plays such a key part in it – that we figured collaborating and learning would be a fantastic opportunity, for design and craft beer alike.”

So, throughout the month, DesignBro will be posting articles that help to better understand the role of design in the craft beer industry. They’ll be collaborating with people from the industry to discover the ins and outs of the world. And, perhaps most interestingly, they will be offering a discount to any craft brewer that wishes to work on a packaging design project with them – in an effort to encourage craft brewers to understand the importance of design, and get the design they deserve.

Such a commitment to blending two industries, for the better of both, is admirable and we’re excited to see what comes from these efforts.

You can look at DesignBro’s experience with craft beer here, and below.

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