Estudio De Vit’s New Packaging Design for Ricordi Famiglia


Argentinean design studio, Estudio De Vit, creates a new packaging design for wine Ricordi Famiglia.

“Bodega RPB was founded more than half a century ago, and seems to have wine as a true passion, putting in the hard work and dedication to create the perfect wine. For Bodega RPB, creating wine has been a source of pride and joy that has been transferred for generations.

It is because of this that they sought out the right design for their high-end wines. They wanted the design to be a tribute to Rufino Pablo Baggio, founder of one of the most important food and beverage companies in Argentina.

We sought to evoke its history through an aged substrate combining subtle distinctions of shields, seals and signatures – elements that generate a universe full of memories.

The special paper chosen contrasts with the brightness of the serigraphic lacquer, highlighting the word Roble in color, and being a differentiator for each varietal.

These labels have a subsequent numbering process, reinforcing the idea that each bottle is unique.”

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