Etta’s Kitchen Bright Colored Look By Field of Study


Design agency Field of Study has developed the perfect look for Etta’s Kitchen, featuring bright colors that make an impact. 

Etta’s is a pop-up brunch and supper club located in Houston’s Historic 3rd ward. Featuring high concept fusions of classic Southern food staples coupled with craft cocktails and DJs, Etta’s seeks to build a community and conversation with food at its core.

Inspiration for Etta’s visual identity is rooted in the intellectual and creative social currents of the 20th Century that gave birth to the Harlem Renaissance and fostered contemporary American art movements.

The idea that overlooked neighborhoods act as incubators for dialogue and intellectual depth by reassigning value away from commodities and materialism—and toward shared experience and personal development—is a key component in Etta’s vision and is reflected in the owner’s love of experimental cooking and visuals.

As Etta’s seeks to create culinary adventures with chefs, artists, and musicians we too desired surprise and adventure with a mix of Surrealist and Dada collage, Caribbean influenced colors, a Jazz sensibility, and a bit of Art Deco combining to create a brand that is equally engaging and loveably absurd.

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