Finding Your Brand Purpose: What Do You Stand For?


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“Finding your brand purpose should be the number one step of your overall brand strategy, yet very few organizations do it. This article aims to define the concept of brand purpose and why it’s so essential to any organization’s brand strategy.

What is a brand purpose?

A brand purpose is the reason for an organization’s activities. It is based on what a company strongly believes in, and what difference it can make in the world. It isn’t necessarily about saving the planet, however, it needs to be worthy to some extent. For example, by taking small yet meaningful actions.

To find your brand purpose you need to ask yourself: Why does your organization/brand exist? What is its long-term purpose to improve the society as it is today?

Quoted in Marketing Week, Donnelly explained:

“My advice to brands would be to revisit their purpose. Purpose isn’t about having one tactical plan with a charity or an agency – it has to be big, inspiring, simple and memorable. It has to inspire every single person in your company, as well as shareholders, stakeholders and agencies.”

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