Gladhead Delivers The Right Look For Supermarket Klass


Design agency Gladhead has delivered the perfect look for Supermarket Klass. Learn more about the project here.

“There are a lot of supermarkets in our country. They all are similar to each other big and light. Each of them has a lot of fish and vegetables, a large variety of soap and buns but  indeed there is no supermarket itself.

This story is about one supermarket which doesn’t want to be as the next one with flat, borring taste. So it decided to start talking to its visitors. But how? In such a huge supermarket there are so many people and they all are different. How to be well-liked to everyone? If you cant get on everyone, let it be. We decided to create an intagible hero whose image will be created by his owner. For someone It can be a longtime school friend who they were fighting with using baguette swords or a girlfriend who was afraid of any bread crumb poising her neat figure and for someone it can be his granny who adds her own secret ingredient-love into every dish. The New Klass represents associations which are particular for every customer. And they are absolutely about joyfull and careful friend.

We refused from all needless. Klass started to be more simple and clear. Only good mood was left.

When you oder ant’s bottoms with garlic dressing you just want to smile and say COOL (Klass) and that is the emotion we placed stake on.”

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