Here Design meets LA Brewery


Design agency Here Design has developed the branding and packaging design for LA Brewery. Learn more about the thought process behind the design, and take a look at the final product below. 

“When kombucha pioneer Louise Avery knocked on our door with her mother, we had to get involved. Some of us even started making our own living tea at home as we learned everything we could about SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of bacteria and enzymes) and the gentle art of fermentation.

LA Brewery is a naturally effervescent living kombucha tea that is deliciously tart and refreshing, made through the fermentation of teas using a mother culture.

Our big idea was to address the heart of Louise’s project: exposure to difference. In contrast to closed systems where overly sterile environments strip us of our natural immunities, open-mindedness and exposure to others (and bacteria and enzymes) give us tolerance, understanding and – most importantly perhaps – resilience.

We wanted our designs to introduce life – in all its richness – back into bodies and minds, matching the potentially beneficial qualities of the liquid inside the bottle. Using visual principles that portrayed systematic expressivity, and a name that reflected Louise’s initials whilst hinting at the healthy Californian lifestyle, we also devised an accompanying tone of voice to match, and wrote copy with Louise that is uplifting and informative.”

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