The Incredible Way Your Brain ‘Sees’ a Logo (Infographic)


Kate Taylor speaks about how our brains “see” and process a logo in a great article for Entrepreneur. Read it in its entirety here and take a look at the infographic below!

“There’s a lot more going on in your brain than meets the eye when you spot McDonald’s golden arches or Nike’s signature swoosh.

In 400 milliseconds, a logo can trigger emotional responses and even behavioral change. Neuroscience tells us that logos — and the brands behind them — can activate parts of your brain in a much deeper manner than you may think.

In fact, well-liked brands trigger responses in the same areas of the brain that process human relationships. So, if you love your iPhone, seeing the Apple logo can actually kindle the warm and fuzzy feelings that seeing the face of an old friend inspires.”

The infographic below shows how your brain breaks down a logo, and how the process can affect your actions.

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