Kalil Macedo has revamped Essential Nutrition’s Look

Modeling, texturing, UVMapping, rendering and post production of Essential Nutrition‘s complete products line by Kalil Macedo Creative Agency.


In this project our studio produced all the CGI design and visualization for Essential Nutrition‘s products, the complete line of all their catalog.
The workflow used was 100% 3D modeling, texturing and rendering in Modo3D version 10.2v4. Rendered in the native engine with the Rebusfarm plataform as render farm.
All the final images were post-produced in Photoshop for the final details.


All their products are based on the creative conception of Intelligence in Functional Nutrition, enriching the formulas with new attributes and powers, to help people have a healthier nourishment and life. They care about men, women, elders, children and the future. The excellence of their products comes from the intelligent formulas, combined with the best and purest ingredients from natural sources, delivering a delightful taste. All products are carefully developed with clean formulations free from gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
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