Kristenn from Jelly: A Master of CGI


Director of Jelly London Kristenn, who specialises in storytelling via high-end CG character and environment, has recently collaborated with international chocolatier Kinder to create a charming spot celebrating the importance of individuality and expression.

A Kinder – first for producing a 3D animated ad, Kristenn’s colourful Pixar-style creation features a cast of bright-eyed, inspired children and their adaptable parents, driving home the point that all kids are gloriously different and deserve the opportunity to become anything they dream of. All have different ‘tastes of life’ – the scientist, the athlete, the artist – but come together in their enjoyment of Kinder (see what they did there?!)

Kristenn’s expert knowledge and vision for lighting and environment design breathed life into the Kinder universe, gleaned in part from his time at Framestore and Pixar where he lent his expertise to films including Toy Story 3, Brave and Cars 2.

For more on the making of the spot, check out the case study here.

Kristenn elevates the ordinary into something beautiful, giving live-action a run for its money with his keen sense of character-based storytelling and ability to create magical, hyper-real environments. He’s created TVCs and films for an impressive array of clients, including Kellogg’s, Nestle, Clarins, and BNP Paribas.

You can read more about his career and process here.

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