Made Somewhere Develops the Perfect Look for Ovalware


Made Somewhere manages to create a perfect look for Ovalware, to make it both unique and to exude the quality of the product. Take a look at the project.

Made Somewhere was approached by Ovalware to re-brand their premium coffeeware business. A change was needed that would set Ovalware apart from its competitors and demonstrate the companies scientific precision and quality product offering.”

“We created a brand with a diagrammatic approach, reflecting Ovalware’s technical innovative structure, paired with minimalism and sophistication. A flexible brand suite was created that drew on characteristics of the coffee realm and structural aesthetics of Ovalware’s products. This brand suite can be seen working in its flexible forms throughout the brands packaging and collateral. Custom illustrations were created to define the brand and showcase its uniqueness and elegant features. These illustrations are paired with beautiful dark hues on Ovalware’s packaging and collateral, creating an elegant and impactful design, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.”

“The result of the Ovalware re-brand was the creation of a trustworthy and superior representation of Ovalware, that was displayed cohesively across all touch points.”

View the project here!