Global Brand Strategy for Grey Goose by Ragged Edge


Ragged Edge developed a global brand strategy for Grey Goose vodka after ten years of partnership. Take a look at their incredible project here.

“For over a decade, we’ve shaped the Grey Goose brand. Helping them stand out for their integrity and substance, all over the world.

We delivered:

Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, brand guardianship, global and local communications, packaging innovation, experiences and environments.

Our approach

We shed fresh light on Grey Goose’s extraordinary story to bring true authenticity and character into the luxury drinks category.

Brand strategy

With vodka defined as a tasteless, odourless (and often characterless) spirit, a lot of competitors resort to marketing hype to engage their audience. We sought to cut through all that by defining and articulating their unrivalled ingredients, process and taste credentials. A trio of messages as distinctive as they are appealing to consumers all over the world.

Visual and verbal identity

We refreshed the identity, creating a range of visual elements to bring the story to life. A pattern that references the Picardie wheat, a set of graphics referencing the quality of the ingredients, and a graphic system that combines French ‘savoir faire’ with a contemporary aesthetic.

We also introduced a new, digital-first lone goose icon, designed to further enhance the brand’s luxury credentials. As well as a renewed tone of voice in order to deliver key messages with warmth and elegance.

Not only is the visual identity rich in storytelling and substance, it’s all designed to work in the real world. The result is a brand with the power to show up consistently and meaningfully, all over the globe.

Tom Spaven, Brand Director, Grey Goose USA

Global communications

The multi-award winning Boulangerie Bleue pop up experience told the Grey Goose story in a disruptive yet meaningful way, with the concept touring a number of cities around the world. It’s just one example of a number of integrated campaigns we’ve designed for the brand, alongside product positioning, drinks strategy and extensive toolkits to enable a consistently creative brand.

Everything they do – from global campaigns right through to the design of a cocktail menu – is underpinned with solid strategic insight and a painstaking attention to detail. They’re a joy to work with and I consider them an integral part of our team.

Helen Francis, Grey Goose Marketing Manager Northern Europe

Content creation

From brand films and drinks photography, to engaging copy – everything we create for Grey Goose is designed to be used across a range of channels, both locally and globally.

Ragged Edge are my go-to agency. Not only are they incredibly talented, they have a real commitment to delivering work that has a genuine, lasting impact on the business.

Natasha Curtin, Global Brand Director, Grey Goose 2006–2015

Experiences and environments

We’ve designed everything from Grey Goose’s flagship bar in the new Las Vegas MGM arena, right through to pop-up experiences all over the world. A night club in Elton John’s garden. The world’s most intimate martini bar. A global series of tasting events. Each of them a rich, immersive experience with substance at its heart.

I love working with these guys! They’ve been absolutely fundamental to the extraordinary success we’ve had as a brand over the past decade. Their thinking and execution is consistently world-class.

Joe McCanta, Global Brand Ambassador, Grey Goose

Brand guardianship

We take care of the Grey Goose brand. By working closely with both global and local teams, as well as agencies and partners from all over the world, we can implement a meaningful and consistent brand effectively across various touchpoints, channels and markets.

Ragged Edge are genuine partners and trusted extensions of the brand team. They’ve been custodians of our brand for over ten years, and the results speak for themselves.

Paul McDonnell, Global Marketing Manager, Grey Goose

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