Reality of social media revealed in 3D art project by Vault49’s artist and designer Ben Fearnley


Social media dominates our lives on a daily basis and one New York based artist and designer from ideas-led brand design agency Vault49 has created a series of witty 3D illustrations that visually communicates how each different social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat impacts on how we connect with each other – aubergine emoji and all!

The amusing and stunning pieces have been crafted by Ben Fearnley, who was fascinated by how social media influences human interaction, as we all hit the apps and sites on a daily basis.

Ben says: “Each one of these platforms encourages a different kind of communication and the amount of time we spend on social media has sky rocketed. I challenged myself to create a visualisation of how I could represent each social platform’s user interaction in the most simplistic way that people could relate to and find conceptually amusing at the same time.”

Vault49 has built a reputation as the creative home to some of the world’s most exciting and ground-breaking artists, designers, thinkers and makers. A team fuelled with a passion for craft and collaboration and energetic minds who think differently and see the unseen. Working on some of the world’s most exciting brand creations for companies like Diageo, Ben is one of the creatives, who continue to stretch and test their creative capabilities by finding moments of creativity in every part of their day.

Ben continues: “Working for Vault49 we are encouraged to follow our passions as artists, get our hands covered in paint and are given time to focus on our own projects. It’s been a fascinating art project to create and I look forward to seeing how it provokes thoughts and emotions.”

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