Red Antler Gives A Colorful Look To Crooked Media


Crooked Media needed a powerful look to convey their dedication to No-Bullshit Politics. They reached out to Red Antler, and got the right design that reflected the very nature of the brand.


The situation

After the 2016 election, Crooked emerged as a progressive life saver in the chaos of politics today. They became the voices of hope, humor, and action for people screaming, “what the f&*% is happening?!” But Trump aside, the system’s been broken for a while. Expanding beyond podcasts into a full-fledged media company, Crooked needed a brand that reflected its mission to address and solve the larger issues at hand, and inspire people to fight for change.

The solution

Everything about the new Crooked brand is rooted in the goal to take action. We embraced the quirk of the existing brand, developing a digital experience that was just the right balance of information and humor. Its logo nods to Americana, flipping the flag on its head with energetic yellow stripes that speak to a new kind of patriotism. We created an identity that felt bold, actionable, and ready to fight back.

What We Did

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

UX + Visual Design

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