Should I be following the latest logo trends?


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From flat to fading, from stripes to geometry, logo trends always make headlines. Every year, right on schedule, the articles come streaming in. What are this year’s trends? What’s coming up? What should we all be doing? Everyone’s listening, curious for an answer, and excited for another full year of designing.

Whether you’re one of these people or not, the reality is that logo trends are always a hot topic. But why? What even are logo trends? And should you be following them?

Going With The Logo Trends Flow

Logo trends are the general direction logos are going in. Whether it be a certain look, a certain aspect or style, it’s the up and coming of logos. Like most trends, logo trends can go out of style as easily as they got popular.

In 2018, they were clear from the get-go. It was all going to be about letter stacking, simplistic symbols, gradients, and clear shapes.

Including these styles in your designs could be the right choice. It could make your design relevant. And, after all, the trends are there for a reason. For example, the increasing use of screens have changed the way we design logos. So, using the trends born out of this change, may improve the efficiency of your logo.

This is why logo trends matter.

But, sometimes, following the trend isn’t the right road to go down. Every case is different, after all, meaning the trends may not suit your clients’ needs. And these should come first.

Trendy & Timeless

So, our advice? Look into why certain trends are gaining popularity, and decide whether they’re worth buying into, for each project. Applying all the trends of the year to all your logos is not the right approach. Consider what technique is best for each logo you are hired to do, and whether certain trends can play a role in these logos.

But the most important thing? In the end, it’s about finding a balance between being trendy, and being timeless. You want your logo to resonate with your audience from the very beginning, but you want to make sure that it won’t become irrelevant the minute a certain trend goes out of style.

Your logo needs to last, and continue to be suitable. Design something timeless and memorable. Think about the trends, and include these if useful, but understand that these styles may have an expiration date, which could impact the longevity of your logo.

So, when December rolls around and we, once again, find ourselves scrolling through a list of the up and coming trends, we’ll understand the value of knowing what’s popular, while giving these trends the importance they deserve. Because, in the end, it’s about your design, not the trend that inspired it.

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