Solid Studio tackles the Tre Farine Project


Solid Studio takes a close look at Tre Farine – a restaurant, pizzeria and cafe – to develop the perfect design that will put them on the map.

The project: identification of the naming and design of the identity for a place that is a hybrid of restaurant, pizzeria and cafe of a medium-high level, that proposes itself like the point of reference of good cooking in Caserta.


First of all, we looked at the menu: the culinary offer, composed of simple ingredients, is sought after both in composition and in the presentation, had to be, therefore, the undisputed star.

The naming “Three Flours” is the result of a strong feeling between solid and the client, a combination that bring to propose a special pizza, which dough is made up of three different flours that enhance the lightness and digestibility. The brand is the stylization of wheat grains of different flours used.

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