Spazio di Paolo develops packaging for Famiglia Cecchi


Spazio di Paolo once again nails wine design with a look for Famiglia Cecchi that becomes an homage to Tuscan landscapes and sends an elegant and luxurious message. Take a closer look at the project below.

“This packaging project represents perfectly Tuscany territories into a highly innovative label as a production tecnique used, and also strongly recognizable and communicative, in line with the elegance of the winery.

Following Cecchi Family’s claim “Territory’s keepers”, we have built a story upon these landscapes, treasure of tuscan wine, which are unique in the world, made of perfect hills and gravel roads with secular cypresses.

The simplified cypress silhouette recalls a lock of an imaginary door, of which the key is in possess just of the Cecchi Family, as they are the only custodians. This concept is strenghten by the discreet eye which looks to the shine of the landscapes.

The label develops on three layers of different natural papers, each one with a different fiber texture, automatically glued one on top of the other and perfectly positioned. This play of overpositioned layer creates an elegant projection of focal planes: from the foreground of the cypress resembling the lock with the eye, which is realized with a tridimensional cliché, to the shapes of the hills with gold plated cypresses. The presence of the light in the landscape is strenghten by the trees’ shadows.”

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