Crazed for Supperstudio’s work for Chocolocuras


Supperstudio, known for its contemporary packaging, has created a fun design, that’s always changing, for Chocolocuras. With some cool illustrations, bright colors, and interesting features, the design is sure to catch your eye.

The project

It’s a game, humor and fun: Who’s who? The thief is the policeman, the lion is the hunter … A different pack for a very competitive category. A design that changes only if you turn the tap. Two characters exchange their bodies and their heads to create a new and different one. The color use and the naming of each product give notoriety and presence at the point of sale. Chocolocuras pursues impulse and a different proposal.

The product is selling in leisure stores specialized in books, music and technology. (Fnac Stores) The packaging must surprise and connect with the audience that is looking for entertainment.

The range includes in total six references:

Orange Look.- chocolate truffles with chunks of orange at large.

Bronzed coffee.-  chocolate truffles with delicious roasted coffee.

Dark shark.- chocolate truffles nothing more, nothing less

Lemon jungle.- chocolate truffles with a wide lemony flavor

Cuqui cookies.- chocolate truffles with incredible cookie morsels

Salt attacks.- chocolate truffles with caramel and a mind-blowing dash of salt


Material and printing:

The container is a cartonboard tube packaging covered with paper.

Printing: Offset CMYK. Matte plastic-coated.

You can take a closer look at the project here!