The Face of New-Wave Women Casual Wear by Karyarupa


Design studio Karyarupa has developed the perfect look for a casual wear line called Ponytale. You can take a closer look at the project here.

“Fashion does not merely move. It flies high speed. Yet, beyond what meets the eye, comfort takes place as a necessity, and that is exactly where PONYTALE comes in. Founded in 2013, PONYTALE produces modern yet easeful womenswear with femininity and colors that are easy on the eyes. Recognizing PONYTALE’s love for feminine simplicity, we decided to commit in bringing out their minimalism through a maximum attention to soft details. We opted for relieving colors such as blush following a touch of bronze for the Logotype. Believing that anything excessive shouldn’t be necessary, we had fun playing with understated patterns that appears consistently in the Hang Tag, Box, and Paperbag. Altogether, this design allows the brand to tell its tale timelessly.”
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