The first concrete book that reacts to water


A publication designed by Bruketa&Zinic&Grey for investors in the premium urban revitalization project „Nikola” on the Adriatic coast

Today when virtually any piece of information is shared over the screens of different sizes, a physical means of communication carries special weight. The Bruketa&Zinic&Grey have literally delved into the weight when making this publication for investors in the „Nikola” project. It is the largest premium urban revitalization project in the Adriatic rooted in the local culture and heritage.

The publication is embedded within the concrete block representing a cornerstone, a pledge of an edifice or infrastructure that is yet to take its physical shape as a result of an architect’s vision. The visionary in this particular case is Nikola Basic who is acknowledged and acclaimed by the public chiefly for his works the Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ in Zadar. This cornerstone is actually given into the hands of investors inviting them to make an investment in the „Nikola” project.

The project is a new area for living in the territory of Soline, in Zablace nearby Sibenik, a comprehensive project including residential, tourist, commercial and social amenities in harmony with nature and the sea, inspired by the Mediterranean way of life. The essential element influencing the formation of the „Nikola” project was water, or the sea to be more precise. This area, drained in the past due to the saltworks, was eventually inundated to be turned into a cove.

Nowadays Nikola Basic has reincorporated the sea into the future vision of the „Nikola” project making it a dominating factor in the architectural design adhering to the principle of autochthonous small waterfronts in the Adriatic. For the same reason, water is a key element helping to uncover the content of the brochure, as only when splashed with water, the concrete cover reveals what is beneath.

In this fashion, the brochure is visually and palpably in dichotomy with its seemingly massive and robust cover and its subtly designed content. Its graphic elements, besides the sea, were also inspired by the traditional Adriatic architecture such as the dry stone walls. But a special focus in its making was given to potential investors, allowing them to have a quick and simple overview of the information, depending on the time they have available.

The overall design is therefore a combination of the modern and the traditional, the artificial and the natural, resembling the actual „Nikola” project that aspires to provide its future residents with the modern quality of life against the traditional Mediterranean backdrop.


CHR EKO-PROJEKT / Jean-Paul Uldry (Chairman), Jerome Mariethoz (Executive Director), Branko Baica (Legal Affairs)


Bruketa&Zinic&Grey / Andrej Gagic (Copywriter), Mirna Pticek (Art Director), Jelena Babic (Account Manager), Ivanka Mabic Gagic (Head of International Business), Vesna Durasin (Production Manager), Radovan Radicevic (Head of DTP), Danko Durasin (DTP Operator), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director)

Nikola Durek (Typograpy Designer)

Synthesis / Jurica Huljev, M.Sc.Arch. (Concrete box)

Cerovski (Print)
Sitopapir (Silkscreen Printing)


Bruketa&Zinic&Grey / Miran Tomicic (Creative Director), Neven Crljenak (Art Director)


Brandoctor / Anja Bauer Minkara (Senior Brand Consultant), Petra Despot Domljanovic, Stipan Rimac (Brand Consultants), Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementor)

Domagoj Kunic (Photos of the book)

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