The Truth About Design Titles


This article was originally posted on by Tobias van Schneider.

Research suggests we made up 90% of today’s design job titles within the past five years. Most likely a new design title was announced just this minute somewhere in Silicon Valley and we don’t even know it yet.

With this article we’d like to shine a light at some of the most common design titles and explain what they actually mean.

Senior Designer = A designer at the age of 23 who can’t wait to retire early.

Art Director = Someone who has never opened Photoshop or any design tools in their career but gets away with it. Tends to hover around people saying, “I’m not quite feeling that color.”

UX Designer = Someone who can’t design anything visually but has all the confidence to tell others how to do it right. You can easily spot them with their overuse of hashtags. #UX #UX4LIFE

UX/UI Designer = An old school interface designer who couldn’t get jobs anymore, so they added the UX to their title because that’s what gets you hired.

UI Designer = Still finishing that Winamp skin while living in their parents’ basement.

Creative Director = Someone with proficient Powerpoint and Google Docs skills.

Lead Designer = Just a regular designer who works at a tech company and gets paid a little more than the other designer who isn’t a lead designer.

Full-Stack Designer = Someone who knows at least 10 design prototyping tools that all do the exact same thing.

Head of Design = Basically a Design Director below the Vice President of Design. On rare occasions the Head of Design, the Design Director and the VP of Design all meet up in a room and nothing gets done.

IA Designer = Got killed by the UX designer.

Empathy Designer = I just made this one up.

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