This Design Generation Has Failed


Mike Monteiro makes a powerful claim that this design generation has failed in an article for Fast Co Design. You can read the full article here

“A year ago, I was in the audience at a gathering of designers in San Francisco. There were four designers on stage, and two of them worked for me. I was there to support them. The topic of design responsibility came up, possibly brought up by one of my designers; I honestly don’t remember the details. What I do remember is that at some point in the discussion I raised my hand and suggested, to this group of designers, that modern design problems were very complex. And we ought to need a license to solve them.

About half the room turned to me in unison and screamed “NO,” as if I’d just suggested something absurd, such as borrowing $10 million to develop a smart salt shaker. (It exists. That happened.)

“How many of you would go to an unlicensed doctor?” I asked. And the room got very quiet.”

Read the rest of the article here.