Rediscover & Cherish: Joost Identities Designs For Treets Traditions


Joost Identities is a freelance brand designer, who created an amazing new brand identity, packaging design, and structural design for Treets Traditions. This great project has now been nominated for the Best Body Care Product in the Netherlands. Take a closer look.

“Our ancestors didn’t have pills or daycream to heal or protect themselves against the circumstances. They have the strong healing power given by nature. People prepared blends of extracts coming from plants, herbs, flowers and oils. Experimenting and discover. They developed their own traditions of skin and body care. This history goes back for thousands of years. This knowledge and their traditions were passed on from one generation to the next. We want people to rediscover these traditions, so they will not be forgotten. products based on proven knowledge from the past, adapted to today’s needs. We love to share, have a look here.

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