What Makes A Great Logo?


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Around us, at any given point, are probably dozens of logos. From the brand on your shoe to the one on your phone, the logos are ever-present. But what differentiates a bad logo from a good one? What about a logo makes it special, effective, and better than the rest?

By now, we know that a great logo can take your brand to the next level, make the customer reach for it on the shelf and take it home. It can make people understand and remember who you are and what you stand for. So, it’s worth it to make sure you get the right and best logo possible. But if you’re new to the world of design, understanding the difference between a great logo, and a not-so-great one can be complicated.

Get Noticed

The basic entry requirement for an effective logo is that it will get you noticed. A logo should never fade into the background, or be overlooked. A customer should see it, and be able to remember it. If your logo accomplishes this, you’re already halfway there.

This is the most essential prerequisite. Unfortunately, some logos don’t check this box off as well as they should. When you’re deciding what your new logo should be, always ask yourself if you’d notice it if you walked by. Would you look twice? Would you remember it? A good logo stands out, and is remembered. It gets your brand noticed, and puts it in the spotlight. If your logo doesn’t do this, it’s of almost no use at all.

Tell Your Story

So, a customer walks by and notices your logo. They stop and look. Now what? Your logo needs to tell them a story. One that entrances the customer, makes them wonder and want to learn more.

It’s important you sit down and think about what story your logo should tell. Do you want your brand to seem modern or traditional? Is it tough or sweet? Luxurious or for everyone? Your logo should represent your brand accurately, and tell your customer what they need to know.

It should be a persuasive story, that makes them understand why you are the brand to go for. There’s no use getting noticed, if it doesn’t lead to more. Telling the right story will makes sure customers go past noticing, to buying.

Do You Have A Great Logo?

The key to determining whether a logo is a good one or not is to ask yourself two simple questions: “Would I notice it?”and “Does it tell the right story?”

If the answer to both of those is yes, congratulations! You’ve got yourself a good logo that you should be proud to stamp at the corner of billboards, in the center of your packaging, or all over your Facebook page.

If, however, the answer is no, it’s best to keep looking. Having a bad logo could potentially be worse than having no logo at all. It’s worth it to ensure you have the right logo for your brand, so your customers know who you are and why they should care.

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